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Our icon is our credibility, ethical foundation and professional competence.

Credibility Advantage

  • Over the last eight years we have served over one thousand vessels. Their repeat clientele is testimony of the good service we render to our customers.

Ethical Advantage

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  • We perform the duties of a ship chandler in full accordance with all laws of the Russian Federation and with highest ethical principles.
  • We adhere strictly to the best marine practices and standards.
  • We perform professional responsibilities with diligence and honesty.
  • We refrain from any activities that might constitute a conflict of interest, or otherwise damage the reputation of our company, our profession, or the International Ship Suppliers Association.
  • We strongly decline to indulge in any practice that is aimed at deceiving or misleading purchasers by advertising, labeling or billing in quantity, size or weight.
  • We do not substitute one product for another, where such substitution might deceive or mislead a purchaser.
  • We never publish a price list that might deceive or mislead a purchaser.
  • We never issue an invoice or similar document that might deceive or mislead a purchaser, competitor or member of the public.
  • We do not give any credit, discount, refund or other price differential, if it offends the existing practice in the trade, and only gives us monopoly or unfair advantage.
  • We do not conspire with other ship chandlers to fix or maintain the price of goods, or otherwise restrain trade.
  • We maintain appropriate confidentiality of sensitive information encountered in the course of professional activities.

Professional Advantage

  • We have full expertise backed by years of complaint free trading with all laws related to export documentation and ship supply goods.
  • We know the ship supply business. We know what quality and cost value ships need.
  • We maintain a reasonable stock of routine nature available at short notice even during the peak cold climate of Russian winter.

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